Chiropractic Treatment

What to Expect

The chiropractors at Kiro Kids all use a form of full body assessment referred to as the NeuroImpulse Protocol. This technique was developed by Dr Neil Davies. NIP is based on gentle touch and very light thrusting. This very specific, low force adjusting method allows your nervous system to better interpret and integrate the sensory input from the thrust and to appropriately process it throughout the brain and spinal cord.

What is NIP?

NIP is referred to as a ‘tonal technique’ because its intent is to normalise the natural tone held in the nervous system.

Imagine that your nervous system has a volume control — if you turn the volume up too much it causes distortion — this distorted function in the nervous system can and does manifest as musculoskeletal stress and pain, internal organ dysfunction and diminished immune response. Similar inappropriate responses are also seen when the volume is set too low. When the volume is set wrongly the nervous system sends distorted messages to the body, adversely affecting tone. The result is sluggish body function with a slowing of normal responses.

You may become aware of this as weakness in your muscles which are now not supporting your skeletal framework adequately leading to pain and discomfort.

Will I have to come back really often?

No, your Kiro Kids chiropractor will identify for you the extent of your particular problem and will tailor make a management plan. You will only be asked to make follow up appointments one visit at a time and that with your express agreement. Your opinion and personal health care choices will always be respected and honoured at Kiro Kids.

Will I hear a cracking or popping noise when I am adjusted?

Absolutely not. NIP adjustments are low force by nature and you will not feel any cracking sounds or the discomfort that often accompanies this sort of manual, manipulation style treatment. None of the Kiro Kids chiropractors use manipulative techniques.

What can I expect after an NIP adjustment?

Most of our patients report feeling a great sense of relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing after each NIP adjustment. Many patients heave a deep sigh immediately following an NIP adjustment as their body releases tension from deep within the nervous system that may have been accumulating for years. NIP adjustments never hurt, they are not risky in any way and the overall experience as a patient is usually pleasant and enjoyable.